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As the stars of the dark and quirky Sundance hit “Ingrid Goes West,” Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen — who frequently inhabit opposite ends of the character spectrum — play out a comedic, cutting-edge take on the modern social phenomenon of Insta-envy and Insta-aspiration. Adrift in her life, loner Ingrid (Plaza) takes her obsession with the picture-perfect images from the feed of social media-savvy Taylor (Olsen) to a disturbing, sometimes funny, extreme.


WWD: How soon after signing on to this did you guys start following each other on Instagram?
Elizabeth Olsen: I didn’t have an Instagram, and you didn’t either. Well, apparently, you did.
Aubrey Plaza: I did. I had a private one. No, I didn’t have a public one.
E.O.: She never invited me or told me about it!
A.P.: Come on. Don’t do this. I never post on it.
E.O.: You post a lot of stories on it.

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The first thing Aubrey Plaza says when she pulls up in the parking lot of the Vermont Canyon tennis courts is “I don’t really know how to play tennis. Do you?” The first thing I do in response is to laugh in her face, because this must be a joke. It’s a hot, nosebleed-dry Los Angeles day; there’s no cloud cover or trees to protect us from the sun, and the asphalt courts are heating up like a kiln. The only acceptable place for a human is somewhere air-conditioned, but one of us had proposed a rousing game of tennis and — hint, hint — it wasn’t me. When Plaza — queen of the deadpan delivery, patron saint of the sharp-tongued — claims she doesn’t know how to play tennis after suggesting we play tennis, my instant and totally unfair response is to assume she’s setting me up and will soon be mocking me for sweating profusely, like she’s a real-life April Ludgate.


In person, Plaza is less deadpan, less caustic, less sarcastic, maybe even goofier, than the onscreen persona that made her famous. Still, she tells me, she’s well aware that I expected her to be a total jerk during tennis. It happens to her all the time, even now, at 33, almost a decade after she first played April.

“When I meet people for the first time, they can’t believe I’m not going to be mean,” she says. “They’ll do a thing where they’ll be kind of mean to me, and I can tell they think that that’s what I’m like.” Such are the hazards of finding fame as a misanthropic adolescent. “It’s like I’m too much of a people pleaser to not do it,” she says. “Sometimes it’s fun for me, because if I say something sarcastic or whatever, they’ll eat it up; they aren’t offended. I’m like, I know what you want. You want me to fucking say something weird to you. Fine.”

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Sorry for the delay, but I have finally added over 170 high-quality images of Aubrey attending the “Ingrid Goes West” Premiere last week (July 27). Our girl wore matching outfits with Elizabeth Olsen, and got reunited with her “Parks & Recreation” co-stars (Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt and Retta)! Adorable pictures can now be viewed in our gallery.

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Yesterday was a very busy day for Aubrey and her Legion co-stars, as the whole cast attended their first San Diego Comic Con together! I have added a bunch of photos to our gallery, but be sure to check back later as new ones might be added in the days to come.

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Aubrey Plaza is giving one of the most electrifying performances on television right now, and it’s one that doesn’t hinge on sarcasm. In her current roles in FX’s Legion and two Sundance gems Ingrid Goes West and The Little Hours, she is poised to go from the mean girl on Parks & Recreation to an Emmy hopeful. Below are some highlights from her cover story for Rogue’s Summer Issue N°6.

“Being a ‘deadpan’ actor and comedian is harder than people think. Being funny with doing nothing at all is a skill that some people have honed that is really hard. There is a lot going on, even though it seems like there’s nothing going on. The frustrating thing about being labeled as ‘deadpan’ is that, for me, [characters] are human beings that have so many things going on and motivations for everything.”

“I’m surprisingly more shy socially than people would expect. I just turn into my 13-year-old awkward, loser self when I’m trying to make new friends, and I’m not very good at it. It’s easy for me to be fearless when I’m taking on roles because I don’t have to be myself. Being my actual self is more terrifying than anything. Big time.”

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